In May 2019, PCC David Keane founded Cheshire’s Anti-Bullying Commission to take a closer look into the issue which he describes as endemic in our society.

On behalf of Cheshire residents, he brought together a team of key community representatives to explore the issue including:

  • Alan Yates – former Cheshire Head Teacher and Chair of the Commission
  • David Keane – Police & Crime Commissioner for Cheshire
  • Darren Martland – Chief Constable, Cheshire Constabulary
  • Jasbir Dhesi – Principle/CEO, Cheshire College (South and West)
  • Dr Mike Eslea, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Central Lancashire
  • Cllr Malli Poulton – Local elected representative
  • Ali Stathers-Tracy – Director of Preventation & Early Help, Cheshire East Council
  • Meghan Earps – Cheshire Youth Commissioner Member

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(Picture taken pre-Covid-19)

The Commission members are working together to identify ways individuals and organisations can work more effectively together to support those who have been impacted by bullying, prevent such behaviour in the first place and intervene to address the behaviour of those perpetrating it.

The Commission recognises that taking on the topic of bullying is a huge task. As such the work has been split into three phases:

  • Phase 1 – Under 25s
  • Phase 2 – Bullying in the workplace
  • Phase 3 – Over 65s

During phase 1, the Commission spoke to hundreds of people across Cheshire to understand their experiences of bullying. It has also reviewed existing legislation, guidelines around bullying and how best to tackle it, and serious case reviews where bullying has been identified as a factor.

You can read Cheshire Anti-Bullying Commission's Phase 1 Report and recommendations here.

The report's appendices can be viewed here:

As part of its recommendations for phase 1, Cheshire Anti-Bullying Commission has created the first-ever county-wide Anti-Bullying Charter for Cheshire and it is encouraging all schools, workplaces and community organisations to sign it to show their commitment to challenging all forms of bullying.

Read a copy of the Cheshire Anti-Bullying Charter

Sign Cheshire Anti-Bullying Charter

Once you've signed it, you'll be given access to a suite of resources to share the Cheshire anti-bullying message with your networks.