Consultation volunteers help the OPCC and PCC to gain the views of the public by attending a variety of local events and community-run activities.  Consultation volunteers are impartial, listening to people’s views, recording comments and opinions and relaying this information to the commissioner.  There are a wide range of consultations activities which take place throughout the year ensuring the public have a voice.

We currently have a number of experienced and dedicated volunteers who work hard to ensure standards are high and that members of the public are well-serviced.  Both the OPCC and PCC, are very grateful for their continued hard work and service.

Margaret Lockhart, consultation volunteer, said: “I just love talking to people. I enjoy listening to their stories and experiences and I’m passionate about making a difference.  Giving the public a voice and being able to share this directly with the PCC, shows me just how valuable my role is. Not everyone has the confidence to stand up and speak but that doesn’t mean their views are not important, I provide the opportunity for them to be heard”

If you are interested in becoming a Consultation volunteer, please contact the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner on 01606 364000 or send an email.