Front Desk Auditors undertake an annual audit of the police estates to check that front desks located with police stations are accessible and deliver the required level of information and service. Visits will also check on the conditions of the building both externally and internally whilst assessing the service delivery standards of Front Desk Staff.

All audits conducted are recorded electronically and reviewed by the OPCC and the Constabulary’s management team.

We currently have a number of experienced and dedicated volunteers who work hard to ensure standards are high and that members of the public are well-serviced.  Both the OPCC and PCC, are very grateful for their continued hard work and service.

Margaret Lonsdale, Front Desk Auditor, said: “Before taking up the role of a Front Desk Auditor, I volunteered my time as an Independent Custody Visitor. Both roles provide reassurance to the commissioner that officers are doing their jobs properly. They also provide a good link between local officers and the community. Before becoming a volunteer with the commissioner, I was a head teacher in Blacon. Carrying out visits to Blacon custody suite helped me understand the issues of the wider community.”

If you are interested in becoming a Front Desk Auditor, please leave us your details here and we will contact you when we have any vacancies.