Posted on 21st June 2019

Cheshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner is looking to appoint an Independent Chairperson for an Anti-Bullying Commission in Cheshire.

The Commissioner wants an Independent Chair to lead a group of community representatives looking into the issue which has impacted one in six children in the last 12 months and a third of adults in their workplace sometime in their careers.

The Anti-Bullying Commission will review existing legislation and research, guidelines around bullying, best practice in tackling the issue, and real-life case studies to establish what more can be done to protect victims.

Through the Commission, a set of recommendations will be developed for police and other criminal justice organisations, education establishments and elected representatives to consider how they can provide more protection for victims of bullying.

The Independent Chair needs to be passionate about safeguarding vulnerable people and must have the relevant skills to drive forward the Commission and deliver the recommendations to improve the response to bullying in schools and the workplace.

Please note, the recruitment for this role has now closed.