Posted on 22nd January 2020

Cheshire’s police and crime commissioner is seeking victim feedback on the support they’ve received from the police and other criminal justice services.

It is part of a full victim needs assessment PCC David Keane is carrying out in order to improve victim support services across Cheshire.

The commissioner is responsible for commissioning local support services for victims of crime and funds a range of services which support victims, including Cheshire CARES.

Every victim of crime that has been supported by Cheshire CARES in the last 12 months will be asked to complete a survey which asks questions about the support they received from the police, witness care and other services.

David said: “We are seeking direct feedback from victims we have helped but are publicising this work to ensure all victims are aware of this consultation and have the opportunity to have a voice.

“I want victims of crime in Cheshire to have access to the best support services in the country and direct feedback from victims is vitally important to ensure the services offered in the future meet their needs.

“I want to know what support helped victims most when they were recovering from a criminal offence, which services helped them to recover and whether they felt adequate support was provided. Importantly, I also want to learn what services victims think should be available in the future.

“This valuable feedback will be fed into my victims need assessment where I will review existing services, highlight good practice and also identify gaps and improvements that could be made.”

Victims of crime can complete the survey by clicking here.