Published on 18th February 2020

St Vincent’s Primary School Junior Safety Officer Noah Dean has once again been recognised by police for his work, this time on an innovative internet safety poster.

Nine-year-old Noah sent the Chief Constable a picture showing how young people can stay safe online using the SMART model. This has been turned into a poster, a framed copy of which was presented to him by local PCSO Stephen Heaps at a recent school assembly.

Noah Dean's internet safety poster.JPG

It follows his meeting with CC Darren Martland and PCC David Keane last month after he wrote them a letter thanking the local policing team in Warrington for their work and highlighting how he feels his local area could be made safer.

The poster will now be able to be used by police officers when they visit schools to raise awareness of internet safety and will also be shared on the police social media accounts.


Police and crime commissioner for Cheshire David Keane said: “I had the pleasure of meeting Noah at a recent community event the chief constable and I held in Warrington. We invited him to the event as he showed a keen interest in keeping his community safe through his role as a Junior Safety Officer at St Vincent’s.

“Noah is proactive in raising awareness of key issues among his peers, including internet safety. Now his work will play a big role in educating other young people across Cheshire on how they can stay safe online.”

Chief constable Darren Martland added: "Both Noah and Lucy, his classmate, who helped design the poster are to be commended on their public-spirited attitude and enterprise in raising awareness of internet safety among their peers and beyond.

“I am happy to confirm that police officers will be using the SMART poster design as part of our force-wide cyber safety campaign. Their families, teachers and fellow pupils will be justifiably proud of their achievements and the examples they set."

The school was also given packets of wildflower seeds promoting Cheshire Constabulary’s 5Cs Guide To Online Safety for them to be able to sow in their allotment as a colourful reminder of how to stay safe online.

The SMART poster gives the following safety information:
• S – Stay Safe by not giving out personal information
• M – Don’t Meet up with people you only know from the internet
• A – Don’t Accept files you do not know
• R – Check information is Reliable and true before you believe it
• T – Tell an adult if something doesn’t feel right