Published on 28th April 2020

Community response group receives boost with emergency grant to help residents in Lymm

A community response group in Lymm has been awarded a grant by the county’s police and crime commissioner to respond to the impacts of Covid-19.

Leave No one behind in Lymm were successful in their application to PCC David Keane’s Safer Communities Express Grants Fund which is supporting community organisations to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The volunteer-led group, which have rallied round to support vulnerable residents, has been awarded £1,000 to purchase essential items to; aid prescription deliveries and provide welfare checks on a daily basis giving reassurance and be a contact point for around 7,000 people in Lymm.


Leave no one behind in LYmm.png

The welfare checks are particularly important for many of the elderly residents who have limited opportunities to talk to someone throughout the day, but they also help the army of volunteers to identify the early signs of those in need.

Each street has a dedicated volunteer who provides this welfare check alongside assisting with food distribution, prescription deliveries and all-round reassurance and friendship.

Graham Gowland, Community response volunteer from ‘Leave No one behind in Lymm’, said: “This funding will help us to conduct regular welfare checks and phone calls with our most vulnerable residents enabling our 7,000 residents to gain access to support and companionship”.

“Many of our residents don’t fully understand how to use technology to seek help and keep in touch with others, so we have been giving them physical help with this, ensuring they are able to connect with a network of support.”

“The funding from PCC David Keane will allow to us regularly speak with residents, meet their individual physical and emotional needs, whilst we target the limited resources we have to those who need it most.”

PCC David Keane added: “The Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in many of our vulnerable residents having to rely on local volunteers and support groups to get access to vital supplies.

“Community response groups are providing localised solutions to the everyday problems people are facing and without the goodwill, commitment and desire of a dedicated volunteer workforce, we would not be able to support everyone.

“This grant will ensure that vulnerable people can stay at home and stay safe, ensuring they receive the support and reassurance needed, to stay physically and emotionally well. I am particularly thankful to all the volunteers working hard to ensure No one is left behind”

To find out more about how you can apply for a Safer Communities Fund Express Grant please visit: