Published on 22nd April 2020

Funding from Cheshire’s police and crime commissioner will allow a local charity to deliver support packs to vulnerable people in Runcorn and Widnes during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Change Grow Live has received a £1,000 express grant from PCC David Keane’s Safer Communities Fund to purchase supplies for the packs which will be delivered to 50 vulnerable people who are in self-isolation.

The packs will contain everyday food items and cleaning and hygiene products so they can reduce their risk of catching the virus. Packs will also contain government information on self-protection guidelines for Coronavrirus.

They will be delivered by the charity during the peak of the pandemic to prevent those who are most at risk leaving their homes.

Charlotte Roberts, service manager at Change Grow Live, said: “The COVID help packs will support our most vulnerable service users who have multiple health issues and may be self-isolating in deprived backgrounds.

“In terms of prioritising who gets the packs, our criteria will initially target those who are also ‘at risk’ of homelessness. The next priorities, in order, would be respiratory issues, previous overdose history, safeguarding issues/concerns, alcohol use and mental health support needs.”

PCC David Keane added: “These packs will provide a lifeline to vulnerable people in Halton who are at risk of leaving their homes.

“The work Change Grow Live is carrying out to support the community is another example of how we’re pulling together to help one another during this unprecedented crisis.

“I’m pleased to be able to provide grant support through my Safer Communities Fund to local organisations to empower them to take action.”

As part of his response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Commissioner is awarding a £1,000 express grant each day to different organisations across the county. To find out more about how you can apply for the funding please visit: