Published on 15th May 2020

Funding from Cheshire police and crime commissioner’s Safer Communities Fund has been awarded to a Cheshire community group who will now be able to take their community choir sessions online and continue to have contact with one another.

Merseywave will continue to provide musical activities to choir members during the pandemic via an online platform and provide technical and emotion support.

The choir, which usually operates a community choir and youth club in Hale Village, supporting more 100 members, has ceased all activity. The group will now be able to provide CDs, print music sheets to be posted and deliver online members meetings to those in self-isolation.

Merseywave were established in 2012 with a focus of encouraging live music and education opportunities for people of any age from the local community. The choir have been unable to meet since the start of the pandemic and members are starting to see an impact on their mental wellbeing.

Merseywave will now be able to provide activities, offer technical assistance and enable members to meet safely online via twice weekly Zoom meetings. Members will now be able to connect and start making music once more.

Jason Ellis, music director at Merseywave, said: “We have adopted an intuitive ‘community action response’ to provide a vital focus for our members who were starting to feel isolated.

“These funds will enable us to share valuable information to support the community through a shared love of music. Our community choir is like a family and like the rest of the country, we are finding it hard to adjust to life without direct support.”

PCC David Keane said: “Community groups like this provide a vital support network to many residents in Cheshire. The pandemic has resulted in people losing that support and becoming isolated physically and mentally.

“Merseywave are working hard to think differently about the support they offer and how they stay connected. The online sessions will undoubtedly provide a welcome distraction to members and enable them to stay safe and well at home.”