Published on 2nd November 2020

Cheshire’s police and crime commissioner (PCC) David Keane has provided funding to Muir Housing to support residents suffering with mental health through another lockdown.

The housing group, which runs Cornwall House, a mental health supported housing unit in Chester, has been successful in its grant application to the Commissioner’s Safer Communities Express Grant Fund.

It has been awarded a £628 grant to enable it to build a wellbeing room for residents of the eight self-contained flats in the unit.

The funding will be used for to pay for furniture for the room as well as funding a much-needed Facebook portal device where residents can contact friends and family and also and have meetings with doctors and mental health professionals while continuing to shield and feel safe in their own homes.

PCC David Keane said: “This much-needed funding will help reduce social isolation and loneliness of some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.

“This is set to be a challenging period for all of us as we move into another lockdown, but even more so for those suffering with mental health conditions.

“I hope this funding helps improve the wellbeing of residents of Cornwall House and allows them to stay connected to family and friends when they need them most.”

Becky Smith, project officer at Muir Housing, said: “Even though shielding has been eased, most of our residents are still vulnerable and suffer with social anxiety.

“The device will allow our residents to keep in contact with friends and family who may be in other parts of the country as well as providing our residents with much needed face-to-face appointments with support staff, doctors and psychiatrists.

“We are thankful to PCC David Keane for this funding which will make a real difference to our residents.”