Published: Wednesday 7th July 2021 

Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire, John Dwyer visited Knutsford to find out what issues the community was facing.

He met with local councillors who revealed that dog thefts from outside local supermarkets and fly tipping were two of the issues the local community felt concerned about.

During lockdown the prices of dogs skyrocketed as demand for them increased. This resulted in people stealing dogs, with a high-profile theft of two Labradors in Cheshire. Thankfully, the dogs were returned to their owners, but this is something that shouldn’t happen.

John Dwyer spoke to Town Councillor Millie Morris, who has started up a number of initiatives to help reassure residents who live and visit the town. He commented:

“Dogs are extended members of our families and hearing stories like this which are becoming a recurring narrative is disheartening. It’s great to see the action being taken in Knutsford, and across other areas of the county as the local communities work together to keep each other and our four-legged friends safe.”

Fly tipping and littering was another issue the town council was hoping to tackle. John shared his views with local Town Councillor Matthew Robertson.

John Dwyer, said:

“Littering and fly tipping is not a victimless crime and it can have a detrimental impact on people who live and visit our towns and cities. If a place is littered with debris or has specific spots which are regularly visited by fly tippers it can make people uneasy and even feel unsafe.”

He added:

“I am committed to listening to the local community and helping to inform the Constabulary on their needs. By all working together we can help to make Cheshire a safer place to live and work.”

To report incidents of crime that aren’t an emergency you can dial 101 or alternatively report the matter online on the Cheshire Constabulary website: Report a crime | Cheshire Constabulary (