Published: 4th July 2021

Today, Sunday 4th July 2021 marks a national Thank You Day to everyone who went above and beyond during the unprecedented year we all navigated following the coronavirus pandemic.

Today, Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Cheshire John Dwyer is giving his thanks to all of those in the emergency services family who have done all they can to keep Cheshire safe and looked after over the last 15 months.

John Dwyer, Police and Crime Commissioner, said:

“Everyone is looking forward to July 19th, when we’re hoping ‘Freedom Day’ will enable us to return to a sense of normality, as we once knew it. However, as this date is a little over two weeks away, I think it’s important to look back and appreciate the sacrifices people made to ensure the county and indeed the country continued to function.

“We all heard the stories of families separating enabling front line key workers to continue their important work, whilst not putting their families in harm’s way. This sacrifice is one I hope we don’t need to repeat. I want to say thank you.

“Over the years, the sense of community has seemingly become less and less. But a worldwide pandemic has certainly brought that community spirit back, as we all worked together to ensure everyone was surviving the best they could through these tricky times. We used to stand on our doorsteps and clap for our heroes, but now it seems fitting to send a wider thank you as Freedom Day approaches.

“Thank you everyone for everything you have done. Times have been tough, but together we are stronger.”