Published: Friday 23 July 2021

Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire, John Dwyer was able to see firsthand the solutions being implemented in Winsford to help steer young people away from anti-social behaviour (ASB).

This week, 19th – 25th July 2021, marks Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) awareness week, and since coming into office, Police and Crime Commissioner John Dwyer has been meeting with people from around the county who have shared their experiences of how ASB has been affecting them.

The Commissioner has heard stories of fly tipping, graffiti, excessive noise and unacceptable behaviour which has caused upset and distress to people in the local community. Tackling ASB can seem like an uphill battle at times, but in the 10 weeks John Dwyer has been in office he has seen the positive work being done across Cheshire to engage youths and tackle incidents of ASB.

In Winsford, there has been a dedicated team driving activities for young people, such as discos – The Friday and Saturday Night Projects - and rugby lessons to provide them with a safe place to socialise and expend some of their energy.

The Youth and Community Group has over four decades worth of experience in the town, providing hubs for all members of the community to enjoy. However, it’s by working in collaboration with the local police that relationships between young people and the Constabulary have been getting stronger.

PCSO Stephen Bishop, from Northwich Local Policing Unit, said:

“Throughout the pandemic and beyond there has been an increase in the gathering of young people on both the town centre and nearby park. These gatherings have caused anti-social behaviours including vandalism, criminal damage, verbal abuse, harassment and through this there has been an increase in under aged drinking, exploitation and radicalisation. The Saturday Night project is looking to address the needs the young people engaging with these activities.

“The projects are being delivered to provide a safe place for young people to go to divert their attention from behaving in such a way that causes distress to the local community.”

Police and Crime Commissioner, John Dwyer, said:

“Anti-social behaviour can be a pathway into other crimes, and projects like this in Winsford are a way of disrupting the path to crime for many. Giving young people a positive outlet to spend their energy has so many advantages both to their well-being and to the community.

“It was great meeting the team who provide these activities and hearing firsthand from the young people who benefit is refreshing. This Centre, and the group running it, is a valuable asset for people in Winsford to have on their doorstep. I am immensely proud of the work being done here, and across the county to tackle ASB. Partnership working has huge benefits and this project clearly demonstrates this.”

If you’d like to report any incidents of anti-social behaviour, all the information you need to know is available here Report anti-social behaviour | Cheshire Constabulary.