In March 2020 the Government announced the postponement of all local, mayoral and PCC elections for one year due to Coronavirus. They will now take place on Thursday 6 May 2021.

Anyone can stand as a Police & Crime Commissioner as long as certain requirements are met.  You do not need to belong to a political party. The Home Office has published a range of documents which can be found on The Home Office website.

Information on who is eligible to vote is available on The Electoral Commission website.


Key responsibilities of a Police & Crime Commissioner

The Commissioner’s main duties are to:

  • hold the Chief Constable to account on behalf of the people of Cheshire;
  • secure the effectiveness and efficiency of Cheshire Constabulary;
  • decide the budget, allocate assets and funds to the Chief Constable; and set the police council tax precept for the force area;
  • set the strategic direction and objectives of the force through the Police and Crime Plan, which must have regard to the Strategic Policing Requirement set by the Home Secretary;
  • prepare and issue an annual report on delivery against the objectives set within the Police and Crime Plan;
  • publish information to enable people to assess the performance of the Commissioner and Chief Constable; and
  • appoint, suspend or remove the Chief Constable.

Further details regarding the role can be found within the candidate briefing pack which can be found within the ‘Information for candidates’ section below.


Interaction with candidates

The Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner (OPCC) and the Constabulary recognise the need to interact with all candidates in a fair, open and transparent way.  The document will set out what candidates can expect.

Cheshire Joint Protocol on Interaction with Candidates 2021


Information for candidates

This section is dedicated to providing information and briefings to candidates. There are links to other sections and websites where key information will assist candidates.

The Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner and the Constabulary have prepared a briefing pack for candidates which provides background information about the role and work of a Commissioner and policing in Cheshire. It can be accessed on the link below.

Candidate Briefing Pack 2021

A selection of approved policing images will be made available to candidates for use in campaign material.

Many of the key documents which candidates may wish to consider are available within the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner’s and Constabulary’s publication schemes and links to each are provided below:

Specified information order

Publication scheme

For further information from the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner, in the first instance, candidates are asked to contact Caroline Tozer, Head of Engagement and Policy on 01606 364000 or via the OPCC main e-mail address -

Further detail on the way in which information requests from candidates will be handled, along with information requests made, can be found in the below document.

Information Requests from Candidates 

Information Request Log


Association of Police & Crime Commissioner National Briefing Documents

The Association of Police & Crime Commissioners has created a website page and provided national briefing documents for candidates. They can be found on the Association of Police & Crime Commissioner website


National Crime Agency National Briefing Documents

The National Crime Agency (NCA) has in place a PCC Candidate Briefing page on their website which you can access here: National Crime Crime Agency PCC Briefing.



The Police & Crime Commissioner is to be returned under the supplementary vote system.  A voter is asked to indicate first and second preferences, if no candidate has 50 per cent of the first preference votes, the two candidates with the highest number of first preference votes proceed to a second round count.

In the second round of counting, ballots indicating a first preference for a candidate that lost the first round are reallocated according to the second preference indicated on the ballot paper.

Candidates must provide a £5,000 deposit when registering as a candidate, which they will get back if they receive more than 5% of the vote.  To become a valid candidate, a person must be nominated by 100 people registered to vote in that police force area.  The deadline for candidates to declare their intention to stand in the election is 8 April 2021. 

The Chief Executive of Halton Borough Council, David Parr, has been appointed as the Police Area Returning Officer (PARO) in Cheshire and will be responsible for overseeing the arrangements for the elections.  Any questions which candidates have regarding the election process, or the eligibility requirements should be directed to the PARO at or 0151 511 6000.