Who can get support?

All victims of crime, bereaved relatives, staff where a business is targeted and spokespersons or parents of victims under 18 will have access to the CARES service.
From reporting a crime or contacting the CARES team, the individuals’ needs will be assessed in detail to ensure the right support is provided, be it just telephone contact or a more comprehensive care package via community visits from the team, or referral to a specialist partner.

How do I get support from Cheshire CARES?

You can contact Cheshire CARES by:

• The direct telephone number: 01606 36 6336
• Emailing the team at [email protected] or via 101 and requesting to be directed to Cheshire CARES
• Through referral by Cheshire Constabulary or a partner agency.

Cheshire CARES is open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday. The service is available seven days a week excluding bank holidays.

What support can I get?

Victim Care Officers (VCOs) assess the victims of crime referred to them, and those who self-refer, through a Detailed Needs Assessment. The Victim Care Offficer and the victim then agree a recovery plan calling on specialist services as required. Initial information about restorative approaches and how it could help people come to terms with what has happened to them is also provided.

The recovery plan could include:

• telephone-based emotional and practical support from a Victim Care Officer
• face to face emotional and practical support from a community volunteer
• referrals/supportive signposting to an existing specialist victim support service provider in accordance with their needs
• supportive signposting to community services, groups or networks who can provide longer term practical or emotional support to enable victims to recover and move on
• crime prevention advice and security items such as personal, door and window alarms
• assistance with submitting Criminal Injuries Claims.

What if I don’t want to make a report to the police?

The Cheshire CARES team provides support to any victim of crime in Cheshire, regardless of whether a report has been made to the police.

What about other services?

The CARES team work closely with local providers, voluntary and community sector organisations that will support victims to help them cope and recover.
As a part of the needs assessment process, the team will identify potential support pathways and will discuss these with the individual to ensure that any referral can go ahead. Information around available support or services will also be provided.
You can also request to be referred to a specialist service at the time or re-contact the CARES team at a later date for further advice. The other services available to you in Cheshire are listed in the victim services directory.

What if I don’t want any support?

If you initially don’t want support, but then change your mind, you can always get in touch with the CARES team through the above methods when you feel the time is right.
Alternatively, other supporting services available to you in Cheshire are listed in the victim services directory.

Victim Service volunteer opportunities

Cheshire Cares is seeking to recruit victim services volunteers. For more information please download the role profile. To apply for this role, please visit the current vacancies section.