The roles include:

  • Custody visitors
  • Front desk auditors
  • Police dog welfare visitors
  • Call management auditors
  • Independent observers of protests and demonstrations
  • Consultation volunteers

To find out more about all of these roles and associated reports, please use the links below.


Special Constabulary

  • Specials, as they’re known, come from all walks of life.
  • They are teachers, taxi drivers, accountants and secretaries, or from many other careers and they all volunteer a minimum of four and a quarter hours a week to their local police force, forming a vital link between the regular police and the local community.
  • Specials have the same powers as regular officers. They wear the same uniform and are issued with the same protective equipment including handcuffs and baton.

If you're interested in becoming a Special Constable, more information about can be found on the Cheshire Constabulary website.